Charles E. Merrill Dies Suddenly at Chateaugay Lake

Charles E. Merrill, prominent resident of Merrill and chronicler of the early history of the Chateaugay Lake region, died suddenly Tuesday morning while seated in a chair in the living room of his home.

Mr. Merrill was nearly 70 years of age. He was a member of the pioneer family for whom the community of Merrill was named. His father was Darius Merrill, famous as a hotel proprietor, woodsman and guide when sportsmen first began to invade the Adirondacks. Charles E. Merrill followed in his father’s footsteps and likewise became known as one of the most reliable guides in the North Country.

With Mrs. Merrill he had conducted a vacation home at Upper Chateaugay Lake for several years. He also continued to act as guide for hunters and fishermen, and had accompanied Supt. J. R. Linney of the Chateaugay Ore & Iron Company on his hunting trips each autumn.

Four years ago, after he had passed the 6th milestone of his life, he began to write historical and romantic sketches. His first full-length book was the story of his own and his father’s career and was entitled The Old Guide, Reminiscencs of Charles e. Merrill. It was published serially in the Malone Evening Telegram and in the Ogdensburg Journal.

Star of the North, Jimmie the Lake, and Crown of Gold, novels based on facts in the early history of the region he roamed, came from his pen during the last three years. All of them appeared first in The Telegram and some of them were published also in Ogdensburg and Huntingdon.

Mr. Merrill was a quiet, thoughtful, kind and courteous gentleman, one of nature’s noblemen. He loved the woods and lakes, and all the untamed and unspoiled things in nature. He loved to commune with the creatures in their native environment, to walk his solitary way through the aisles of the cathedrals of trees where he was wont to worship.

He was widely known and highly respected for his sterling character and for his remarkable ability as a writer.

Malone Farmer,
Feb., 1935


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