Chateaugay Lake Photos by Seneca Ray Stoddard

Upper Chateaugay Lake


Merrill House

Charcoal Kilns, Standish

“The Maggie” at “Ralph’s”

Tafaw Kilns on east side of Chateaugay Lake Narrows

Indian Point, facing “W” Mountains and South Inlet


Merrill House

Indian Point Hotel

Looking North from Indian Point–postcard


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Yog-Sothoth knows the Gate. Yog-Sothoth is the Gate. Yog-Sothoth is the key and guardian of the Gate. Past, Present and Future, all is one in Yog-Sothoth. By that which is not to be named, By Azathoth, By Nyarlathotep, By Shub-Niggurath, By the two snakes, By that which created the Voids, By Kadath in the Cold Waste, By the Plateu of Leng, By Yuggoth, By the moon-lens, By the inprisoned, By the free, By Samas, Gibil and Nusuku, By the High Name of Ea, By the Seven Demons, Guardian, let the Gate be opened! By Chaos, By the Void, By the Light, By the Darkness, By the Air, By the Fire, By the Water, By the Earth, Key, open the Gate! By my sacred oath, Let those who want to leave come out! Let those who want to enter come in! Let us see intp the Hiding Light! Let us see into the Blinding Darkness! Rend the Veil! Crush the Mirror! Reveal the Illusion! See, the Gate opens! See, the Nodes are filled with Power! See, the Lines are filled with Power! See, the Angles twist and open!

3 thoughts on “Chateaugay Lake Photos by Seneca Ray Stoddard”

  1. I love your site and the old pics of Chat. Lake. Do you have any pics of the Williams farm on Sunset Rd.? I recently saw a milk bottle with Camp Aiyukpa written on it and found out it came from that farm. would love to know more.


  2. My great gandmother was the last owner of what was Ralph’s (Sunset Inn) on upper Chateaugay Lake. I currently own a house on the property where the Annex stood. Would love to get prints of the pictures you have. I have several, but not what you show here!


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