Photo Essay: The Banner House on Lower Chateaugay Lake

Banner House Opens for 107th Successive Season

Located near the Lower Chateaugay Lake, the Banner House is one of the oldest summer resorts in the Adirondacks. Canadians as well as Americans yearly flock to this beautiful hotel.

On May 30th, Memorial Day, the Banner House on Lower Chateaugay Lake will open for the 107th successive year. Now under the management of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Chase, this summer home has become one of the best known resorts in the Adirondacks, yearly drawing people from the farthest most parts of the United States and Canada.

The first history of this place is related ,at the close of the Pappineau Rebellion in 1837 when a group of English officers summered with Jonathan Bellows, on the lower lake and this was possibly the beginning of the summer resort phase of this region. Mr. Bellows at that time had a hotel called the Lake House that had grown to substantial proportions. Among those who came for recreation purposes were A. F. Tait and Chester Harding, the artists. Here Mr. Tait had a studio and painted such famous pictures as Arguing the Point, in which there is an excellent portrait of Jonathan Bellows. Many of these pictures were lithographed by Currier and Ives and now command large sums for their purchase. Among other famous guests were Dr. Bethune, a cousin of James Russell Lowell and Mr. Ashman, chairman of the convention that nominated Abraham Lincoln.

In 1892, the Lake House was purchased by J. S. Kirby, who changed the name to Banner House. Following his death, the place was operated by F. [Fred] W. Adams and is now under the management of Mr. and Mrs. A.[Adams] M. Chase.

29 May, 1942
Chateaugay Record

These photos were taken presumably in the early 1900s, when John Smith Kirby was the Proprietor of the Banner House. All photos are from the collection at the Banner House.

The Banner House

Banner House Boathouses, with Bellows Skiffs

Banner House Dining Room

Banner House Dock and Guests

Banner House from Southwest #1

Banner House from Southwest #2

Banner House, from a Postcard

Banner House Lawn and Guests, 1907

Banner House Guests inside Parlor

View of Banner House Front Porch

Unknown Building and People

This is probably a cottage on the Banner House Grounds

Chateaugay Lake, from Hill behind the Banner House

Chateaugay Lake and Boathouse, from Banner House

Playing Tennis on Banner House Lawn

Looking Southwest, from Bellows Place

The sign on the building reads, “Traveller’s Home”, with an arrow pointing towards the Banner House.

Possibly Kirby Family residence, date unknown

This photo has been at the Banner House longer than anyone who is now alive. However, the building doesn’t appear match of those at the Banner House. It may be a photo of one of the Kirby family residences, west of Brainardsville on Kirby Hill. The people are definitely not John Smith Kirby, nor are they of his parents. Another Chateaugay Lake mystery.


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  1. Hi,My name is Bill Stiles. I just purchased a Currier and Ives Print of A F Tait painting of American Speckled Trout. I noticed many of his other art work on your website.Do you have any information about the original painting of the Speckled Trout?


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