Flanagan Hotel, Malone NY


9 thoughts on “Flanagan Hotel, Malone NY

  1. so this would be the hotel that Dutch Schultz stayed at? Any idea which floor and room? great old photoAm reading Billy Bathgate — Doctorow shifts the setting to Onandaga and has Schultz and his men occupying the entire top floorI understand the place still stands and is going to be renovated. i'd stay in the Dutch Schultz suite if there were one! I wonder if Schultz's boys buried the boss's safe in the Malone area…?


    1. This hotel today is a disgrace. People should fight together to bring this hotel back. The whole business district suffered to the point of a ghost town


  2. Hopefully; efforts to complete the rennovation of the hotel are underway. It would be a real shame to lose this historic landmark. There are many places in the Malone area that he could have buried the safe. As I am sure; he picked a rural location; the safe most likely will never be found; unless uncovered by construction or land development.


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