Politically-correct SJW History?

I’ve been considering deleting this historical blog, as a protest, as well to capitulate to the SJW Bandwagon. One thing is for certain: we’ve now reached Peak SJW.


Antique Kids

Jack Clifford Camp, Upper Chateaugay Lake


The notorious camp of Prohibition time. The Jack Clifford and Evelyn Nesbit Thaw hideaway at Upper Chateaugay.

Her life story was presented in the movie, “Girl in the Red Velvet Swing.”

Four out of the five chimneys are the only reminder of the once large, elaborate building.

Chateaugay Record, March 14, 1984

Brainardsville Baseball Players


This photo is not dated and some familiar faces are now missing from the crowd.

During the baseball season, these players, along with a large audience from the community, would gather and root for their favorites.

Front row: John Clark, John Gardner, Malcolm Hoy, Giles Legacy, Little Harold and his father, Harley Cromp, Roderick Titus.

Back row: Keith Cook, Willie Hoy, Milton Cromp, Howard Gardner and Roger Cromp.

The baseball field was located across from St. Jude’s Mission, Brainardsville.

From the Barbers Johnson Collection.

Chateaugay Record, May 9, 1984

Brainardsville Stores


Admiral Theodorus Bailey, Chateaugay


Mr. and Mrs. Gates Hoit, Chateaugay Pioneers


Chateaugay Fire Dept.


Chateaugay Volunteer Fire Department, year unknown.

Left to right: Bill Barnes, Eddie Vail, Hap Foran, unidentified, Ray Lucia, Jimmy Adams, Doug Barnes, Sky Adams, Gerald Hyland, Jerry Keefe, Ed Murray and Gerald Barnes.

Submitted by Gerald Barnes

Chateaugay Record, November 6, 1985



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