Yesterday and Today Meet in Hyland’s Store

Gerald Hyland has gone a long way to spread an epidemic of Centennial Fever on Chateaugay’s Main Street, with a truly amazing window display.

His store itself is a piece of Chateaugay history. In business for over 75 years, the original enterprise opened its doors in 1893. Hyland’s have been partners or owners of the store since it first opened, with James Hyland, John W. Hyland, and now Gerald J. operating the business. The present store was opened after the devastating fire on East Main Street.

Many of the historical items in the window can be identified in the picture. If you can’t find them, take time to get a better look in the store window. On second thorught, stop by and see them anyway.

Here is a list of the window’s contents:

Well with wooden bucket (built by Elmer Hobbs); hand-made wood door clamp; hand-made shoulder yoke; hand-made buck saw; wood snow shovels, string of sleigh bells.

Horse shoes and calks, regular drive calk, screw calk, racing shoes, hand-made sapspouts, wood and tin, sugar house, evaporator, gathering tank, charcoal fire pot, small cast iron stove, antique hinges, flush door bolts, wagon axle chips, wood wagon, hubbs and spokes, whipple trees, cross bars, leather buggy dash board.

Large bear trap, metal hot water bottle, sod iron, wood top ice skates, wagon wheel wrench, down hill break chair, 1916 gasoline sign – .14/gallon – dry paint scales, hand-made nails.

Chateaugay Record, June 5, 1969


Rutland Depot, Chateaugay, 1914


Photo dated: Saturday, April 4, 1914. The men are William Doige, Earl (Son) Denio, Bert Corkins, and Frank Rivero. Drive by today, not much remains the same.

Chateaugay Record

Marble River Hill, Before and After



Before and After. The Marble River Hill in the late 1880s (top picture), with its winding narrow road, wooden bridge, old starch factory, spring house, hore and carriage. The small child in the carriage is believed to be the late Gordon Green, who lived in the house with his parents at the top of the hill.

Below (1981), the recently completed new blacktop road, straight and wider. Note that the houses on the hill remained the same throughout the years. Only the occupants have changed. On the left is the Walter Silver farm; on the right, the Spencer Dumont residence.

Photo property of Adeline Silver.

Chateaugay Record, November 11, 1981

Union Free School, Chateaugay — 1889


This school and many memories are long gone. Only a few remember when this building on Church St. housed students.

Chateaugay Record, April 28, 1982

Jack Clifford Camp, Upper Chateaugay Lake


The notorious camp of Prohibition time. The Jack Clifford and Evelyn Nesbit Thaw hideaway at Upper Chateaugay.

Her life story was presented in the movie, “Girl in the Red Velvet Swing.”

Four out of the five chimneys are the only reminder of the once large, elaborate building.

Chateaugay Record, March 14, 1984

Brainardsville Baseball Players


This photo is not dated and some familiar faces are now missing from the crowd.

During the baseball season, these players, along with a large audience from the community, would gather and root for their favorites.

Front row: John Clark, John Gardner, Malcolm Hoy, Giles Legacy, Little Harold and his father, Harley Cromp, Roderick Titus.

Back row: Keith Cook, Willie Hoy, Milton Cromp, Howard Gardner and Roger Cromp.

The baseball field was located across from St. Jude’s Mission, Brainardsville.

From the Barbers Johnson Collection.

Chateaugay Record, May 9, 1984

Main Street, Chateaugay

West Main Street
West Main Street

This is Main Street in Chateaugay, date unknown. At left is the Chateaugay Hotel and at right is the Bank of Chateaugay. Most of the other buildings have been demolished or destroyed by fire.

Chateaugay Record, June 25, 1986

Roberts House, Chateaugay

Roberts House
Roberts House

Back in the days of bustle skirts and oil lamps, the old Roberts House (now Hotel Chateaugay) appears to be the center of activity. This photo, apparently taken near the turn of the century, was a tintype and the photographer transposed the negative, reversing the print. [The image has been rectified.]

Chateaugay Record, May 29, 1986

Johnston Bros. Lumber Company and Store, Chateaugay, late 1800s

Johnston Bros. Lumber Company and Store
Johnston Bros. Lumber Company and Store

Late 1800s, Johnston Bros. Lumber Company and store on East Main Street, Chateaugay. Although it has changed ownership several times, the original architecture remians the same. Fred and Grace Russ, the present owners, operated the “Russtique Antiques”, which has now been closed.

The blacksmith shop was operated by C. Sancomb.

From the Johnston-McGibbon files.

Chateaugay Record, August 28, 1985

The Chateaugay Record Printing Shop

Charles Harrica leaning on the flat bed press handle; the man at the type case not identified. Many changes and equipment have taken place — only the long hours and hard work remain. This photo was found among the momentos of the late Bill Ferrell.

Chateaugay Record, April 11, 1984

The Chateaugay Record Printing Shop, Many Years Ago
The Chateaugay Record Printing Shop, Many Years Ago