Yesterday and Today Meet in Hyland’s Store

Gerald Hyland has gone a long way to spread an epidemic of Centennial Fever on Chateaugay’s Main Street, with a truly amazing window display.

His store itself is a piece of Chateaugay history. In business for over 75 years, the original enterprise opened its doors in 1893. Hyland’s have been partners or owners of the store since it first opened, with James Hyland, John W. Hyland, and now Gerald J. operating the business. The present store was opened after the devastating fire on East Main Street.

Many of the historical items in the window can be identified in the picture. If you can’t find them, take time to get a better look in the store window. On second thorught, stop by and see them anyway.

Here is a list of the window’s contents:

Well with wooden bucket (built by Elmer Hobbs); hand-made wood door clamp; hand-made shoulder yoke; hand-made buck saw; wood snow shovels, string of sleigh bells.

Horse shoes and calks, regular drive calk, screw calk, racing shoes, hand-made sapspouts, wood and tin, sugar house, evaporator, gathering tank, charcoal fire pot, small cast iron stove, antique hinges, flush door bolts, wagon axle chips, wood wagon, hubbs and spokes, whipple trees, cross bars, leather buggy dash board.

Large bear trap, metal hot water bottle, sod iron, wood top ice skates, wagon wheel wrench, down hill break chair, 1916 gasoline sign – .14/gallon – dry paint scales, hand-made nails.

Chateaugay Record, June 5, 1969