The Camp Jack Shooting

The Washington Times, Oct. 1, 1922, p. 6.  


Jack Clifford Camp, Upper Chateaugay Lake

The notorious camp of Prohibition time. The Jack Clifford and Evelyn Nesbit Thaw hideaway at Upper Chateaugay. Her life story was presented in the movie, "Girl in the Red Velvet Swing." Four out of the five chimneys are the only reminder of the once large, elaborate building. Chateaugay Record, March 14, 1984

Wife to Testify on Thaw’s Sanity for the State

Evelyn Nesbit Served with Subpoena to Appear in Court on July 6 THE PRISONER IS EXCITED Betrays Nervousness as State Reads Mother's Testimony at Murder Trial COURT THREATENS AGAIN Justice Hendrick angry at Publication of Interview with Evelyn Thaw in Camp Mrs. Evelyn Nesbit Thaw will come to New York on July 6 to testify … Continue reading Wife to Testify on Thaw’s Sanity for the State

Chateaugay Lake First Settled

Chateaugay Lake First Settled by Samuel C. Drew in Year 1816 Chateaugay Lake was first thrust on a waiting world through one William Bell, who came here around 1783. Bell sold 50 acres of land to Samuel C. Drew, of Gilmantown, N.H., who came here about 1816 and settled on the west shore of the … Continue reading Chateaugay Lake First Settled