Scenes from Mountain View


Jim Wynne’s cabin, Upper Chateaugay Lake

James Wynne


Submitted by Anthony McPherson:

This is Jim Wynne’s cabin up on the Upper Chateaugay Lake. I remember in 1988 at least the walls were standing. It was on a little bit of land at one of the places that State Route 374 and another road split for a few hundred yards with a smaller road that curved down toward the lake and then came back together. I believe that it wasn’t far from “Stoney Lonesome”, which was near the Shutts property. I know that that bit of information doesn’t help much, but someone might remember it.

This would be a Grand-uncle to Elaine O’Connor, and related to the Whalens in the area. He married Mary Anne Brown from Chateaugay in 1889.

Cook’s Pharmacy Snake Oil


Bellmont Bathing Beach Club


Dannemora Prison


Saranac Lake Winter Carnival, 1909

A- Saranac Lake Carnival 1909 Front B- Saranac Lake Carnival 1909 Front_0

Loon Lake

C- Loon Lake House Front D- Loon Lake from Boat House Front

Chateaugay Lake Outlet, 1950s

Here are a few of my dad’s slides in which the barges operated by the Chateaugay Ore and Iron Co. are visible.

Remains of barges operated by the Chateaugay Ore and Iron Co. that were used to transport charcoal to this location
Chateaugay Lake dam, with partial remains of an older dam
Bridge at the Forge

Salvaging a Train Wreck

trainwreck2 trainwreck2detail


This isn’t the best quality, and it’s doubly exposed with a different image. However, it’s still interesting.treadmill