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Robare’s Store

First Passengers on Steamboat "Maggie"

Frank PercyM. J. ReynoldsLewis PercyThese are photos of Lewis Percy listed as the engineer of the first run steamboat "Maggie" and the two passengers, Frank Percy and M. J. Reynolds. Reynolds was a son of the "Chateaugay Infant" and rebuilt and operated the corner store in Brainardsville during his lifetime. Percy was the father of … Continue reading First Passengers on Steamboat "Maggie"

Beautiful Downtown Brainardsville

This is where the expression "Beautiful Downtown Brainardsville" originated.

Hoy Mills, Brainardsville, 1930

1930--Hoy Mills in Brainardsville when operating at full peak. Snow melting on the bank and logs floating near the bridge was the annual spring scene at this one-time busy log-processing plant. The older residents can recall many incidents that occurred during the era. The young people can only imagine.

The Origin of Crompville

“In 1850 an ashery was built by Alonson [sic] Roberts of Chateaugay, who hired a man by the name of Cromp to operate it; because of this the settlement was known for five years as Crompsville.” -James Dowd, Franklin Historical Review #5

People’s Cash Store, Brainardsville

Brainardsville Booze Bust, 1929

1929. The big bootlegging time, like all wrong doings it must come to an end. The end of the line for this one came at Brainardsville when the car overturned, spilling all its contents over the highway. Maybe some of the crowd will be recognized. This car was driven by Jim Shea of Malone. This … Continue reading Brainardsville Booze Bust, 1929

Early Brainardsville History, by Oscar F. Chase

A story of the early settlement of that portion of the town of Bellmont now known as Brainardsville, was written by the late Oscar F. Chase and printed in the Chateaugay Record in March of 1903. It contains so much of real interest even at this time the article is worthy of reproduction and we … Continue reading Early Brainardsville History, by Oscar F. Chase