Mr. and Mrs. Gates Hoit, Chateaugay Pioneers



Chateaugay Train Wreck, April 16, 1906

chateaugaywreck1 trainwreck

Chateaugay Fire Dept.


Chateaugay Volunteer Fire Department, year unknown.

Left to right: Bill Barnes, Eddie Vail, Hap Foran, unidentified, Ray Lucia, Jimmy Adams, Doug Barnes, Sky Adams, Gerald Hyland, Jerry Keefe, Ed Murray and Gerald Barnes.

Submitted by Gerald Barnes

Chateaugay Record, November 6, 1985



Main Street, Chateaugay

West Main Street
West Main Street

This is Main Street in Chateaugay, date unknown. At left is the Chateaugay Hotel and at right is the Bank of Chateaugay. Most of the other buildings have been demolished or destroyed by fire.

Chateaugay Record, June 25, 1986

Roberts House, Chateaugay

Roberts House
Roberts House

Back in the days of bustle skirts and oil lamps, the old Roberts House (now Hotel Chateaugay) appears to be the center of activity. This photo, apparently taken near the turn of the century, was a tintype and the photographer transposed the negative, reversing the print. [The image has been rectified.]

Chateaugay Record, May 29, 1986

Johnston Bros. Lumber Company and Store, Chateaugay, late 1800s

Johnston Bros. Lumber Company and Store
Johnston Bros. Lumber Company and Store

Late 1800s, Johnston Bros. Lumber Company and store on East Main Street, Chateaugay. Although it has changed ownership several times, the original architecture remians the same. Fred and Grace Russ, the present owners, operated the “Russtique Antiques”, which has now been closed.

The blacksmith shop was operated by C. Sancomb.

From the Johnston-McGibbon files.

Chateaugay Record, August 28, 1985

The Chateaugay Record Printing Shop

Charles Harrica leaning on the flat bed press handle; the man at the type case not identified. Many changes and equipment have taken place — only the long hours and hard work remain. This photo was found among the momentos of the late Bill Ferrell.

Chateaugay Record, April 11, 1984

The Chateaugay Record Printing Shop, Many Years Ago
The Chateaugay Record Printing Shop, Many Years Ago

Beman Block, Chateaugay, late 1800s

Beman Block
Beman Block

The north side of East Main Street, Chateaugay, at the Four Corners before the big fire that destroyed the whle street back in the late 1800s.

The Beman Block, Coonley and Smith, Geo. T. Hall, have all been written up in the Chateaugay history.

The Beman block is now a three-story structure and houses the masonic lodge.

Chateaugay Record, May 5, 1982

Main Street, Chateaugay, Long Ago

East Main Street
East Main Street

It has been reported recently that anything north of Albany is out of this world. Perhaps! But where else can you find a more serene, scenic and hospitable area than upstate New York?

This is Chateaugay as it was. Now we have modernized — got indoor plumbing, too.

Chateaugay Record, March 24, 1982

Barber Shop, Depot Street, Chateaugay, 1914

Al's Barber Shop
Al’s Barber Shop

Do you remember back in 1914 when John Dwyer and Albert Barnes operated the Barber Shop on Depot St., Chateaugay? Some of the incidents that happened there were real humorous (hunh, Doc).

Although more modern now it still houses a barber shop known as “Al’s”.

Chateaugay Record, October 2, 1980